Introduction to Amazon

Objective of working as Amazon VA ? or Why do people work as Amazon VA?

People follow this field because of number of factors

  • Interest in ecommerce 
  • People have craze about ecommerce and everyone knows that the future of ecommerce is absolutely bright with a hike as well!  So people are choosing their career as well!

  • Getting things on real time maps
  • As a VA, VA needs to work with all the things practically, which helps VA in boosting  their knowledge and skills, which helps in getting better jobs or starting it’s own business!


  • Starting their business in future 
  • Once VA did everyhting for the client and everything went well, VA might launch its own product in the near future! 

  • Global Commerce 
  • With the help of the internet, everything is accessible anywhere anytime, So VA can work on any market from anywhere in the World! This feature has helped the VA to get more jobs, because now VA can get jobs from the whole World! 

    Why American citizens mostly hire pakistani for Amazon VA? 

    There are again multiple advantages of hiring Pakistani VA!

  • More Expertise
  • Mostly Pakistani VA are certified and having practically experience, Seller might find someone really energetic and powerful fresh VA, you might find someone, that is already working as VA and Seller can find VA with 0 knowledge as well, but if seller knows the basic and filter the VA, Seller might get the best VA for it’s business! 

  • Low cost manpower 
  • If someone is planning to hire a VA from US, UK or other counties, you might get VA at $20/hour or above, while Pakistani VA can work with you at average $500/month, some sellers also provide  profit sharing to VA, which helps in getting more sales! 

  • Work efficiency
  • Pakistani VA are experts at saving time with good quality, which helps the Seller in getting the things done more quickly more efficiently! 

  • Ecommerce atmosphere 
  • Pakistan is famous for it’s Ecommerce, as in colleges, in universities and different skill centres, Ecommerce is taught! While 

  • Free multiple Adds on 
  • Pakistani VAs are good at providing free add on, which is the tool that magnets the seller for complete management of their business! 

  • No innovation or Business ideas with Low research in Pakistan
  • Pakistan doesn’t work on research, innovation and business ideas as the developed countries, so youth doesn't have many options rather than freelancing and VA for amazon! 

  • What is amazon?
  • Amazon is an ecommerce marketplace, amazon mainly focuses on providing quality products, product customer support in really low times! Amazon is also providing  : cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence

  • Why do sellers choose amazon v/s other marketplaces?
  • Amazon is full of traffic and millions of people daily visit their site, which helps the sellers in  getting more sales! For a large marketplace, a number of tools, guides, courses and videos are available, amazon has also FBA which makes the business location free! 

  • Amazon Wholesale
  • In the Amazon wholesale Selling model, the seller buys the products in bulk from any specific brand, and then selling it on amazon is known as Amazon Wholesale

    Wholesale= Bulk + Specific Brand

  • Amazon Dropshipping 
  • Amazon Dropshipping flow works in following method:

    In Amazon Dropshipping  seller don’t need to buy any inventory, and it works in following flow:

    • Seller gets the products information from the supplier
    • Seller list the product on amazon and market the products with profit margin
    • Customer orders the seller with its information
    • Seller orders the product to the supplier with customer information
    • Supplier will deliver the product to the customer, 

    This process is known as dropshipping! 

  • What is a Child Account? How to create a Child account on amazon? How to access amazon sellers central from Pakistan? 
  • What is a Child Account?

    Child Account is basically a user account, created on Amazon Seller Central, in which the parent account holder works like an admin and adds the user based on the permissions needed by the child account holder! Parent  account holders can adjust the permissions anywhere, anytime!


    How to Create a Child Account?

    Here are the following steps in order to create a child account for amazon: 

    1. Make sure, Someone cannot create a Child account on a Seller Central Account, it’s actually done by the owner of Seller Central Account!
    2. You have to share your name and email to the amazon seller central owner so that Owner can add you as a user in Amazon seller central account.  
    3. It’s done by the owner, Owner will go into it’s Amazon Seller central settings and then the owner will click on “User Permissions” 

    1. and then  add name, email and permissions for this user! 

    1. User will receive invite  on it’s email account 

      1. It’s all set, you just need to go on , Write email and password you used to Write on the invitation!
  • Owner can kick the User at any time?
  • Yes, Owner can kick the user at any time, it can be of 2 types! 

    • Removing all of the permissions so that user can’t do anything
    • Owner can remove the user from the users list!

  • VPN/Proxy is required to access a child account from Pakistan?
  • No, we don’t need any proxy or VPN to access a child account, as a user account is 100% legit in Pakistan!

  • Amazon Seller central walkthrough:

    1. Getting familiar with seller central

  • Do and don’t of amazon va

  • Do of Amazon VA:

  • Remain Professional, VA needs to be professional in it’s tasks, communication and performance. 
  • Quick Response, The thing about which Clients are mostly worried  is “response time”, VA must have a maximum 1 hour response time, VA must respond to the client message as soon as possible! Sometimes Client might have trouble in setting anything or starting anything, Client might need VA  help, if VA will respond quickly, then VA will always have a good impact!
  • Committed,  VA needs to be committed to it’s work and growth! It will help the VA in providing the best Customer experience to the client! 
  • Honesty , “Honesty is the best policy”, VA needs to be honest with it’s client! 
    • VA needs to Share real time scenario 
    • Take care of Client’s investment, it’s better to consider it as it’s own investment 
    • Keep doing meetings after a particular time, Fix the time of meeting every week!
    • Provide quality to your client so that VA can make it long term collaboration
    • VA needs to take Care of legal liabilities, so that clients can never face any legal issues in Court or at any other place.
    • Do the best things, whatever VA can do for the Business 
    • Provide Quality Customer Support to the Client 
    • VA needs to be connected with it’s team all the time, send greetings, wish birthdays, have dinners if VA can. 
    • Communicate with your client frequently 
    • Communicate with Always good words and good behaviour 
    • Remain updated every time with the business 
    • Keep everything ready, including report stats and anyltics 
    • Do whatever you can do to Make Sales 
    • Make Profit 
    • Create Discount, Offers and Promos to promote products and Sales 
    • Remain Loyal with the Client, share everything as it is! 
    • Do Improvements which you can do with consult of your client
    • Work on customer feedbacks
    • Fulfil your commitment 
    • Always Deliver on time 
    • Do Market competency and do research to make it competent. 
    • Remain connected to all marketing ways, including latest traffic sources. 

    Don’t of Amazon VA:

    • Don’t be Late at any task 
    • Don’t Ignore your client instructions 
    • Don’t Ignore your clients message 
    • Don’t misbehave and always use good words 
    • Don’t Deceive 
    • Don’t disturb Client 
    • Don’t be personal if Client don’t want to be. 
    • Don’t confuse Client with it’s communication 
    • Never Use Ambiguous Words 
    • Don’t discuss your personal stresses with Client 
    • Don’t compromise on the Quality of the work 
    • Don’t blame anyone for your performance
    • Don’t leak Client’s privacy and keep the business Secret
    • Never compromise on legal issues!

    1. Amazon user id handling 
    2. How to avoid suspension 

    Reasons of Account Suspensions: or Reasons behind account suspension

    If you want to know about amazon account suspension you must be familiar with amazon account health. 

    What is amazon Account Health? 

    Amazon account health is a combination and result of different quality measuring metrics including: 

    • Order defect rate 
    • Negative Feedbacks 
    • Valid Tracking Rate 
    • Shipment Time 
    • A-Z Guarantee claims
    • Refunds or Return Dissatisfaction Rate
    • Exchanges
    • Order cancellation
    • On time delivery 

    How to remain in good health on our amazon business account? 

    Below is a table with information on how each of these indicators should be, as required by Amazon. 

    Performance metrics


    Order Defect Rate

    under 1%

    Cancellation Rate

    under 2.5%

    Late Shipment Rate

    under 4%

    Valid Tracking Rate

    greater than 95%

    On-Time Delivery Rate

    greater than 97%

    Return Dissatisfaction Rate

    under 10%


    Things that may lead to direct suspension:

    • Threatening the customers 
    • Reviews manipulation
    •  Asking the customer to change/remove the review
    • Offering the customer refund to remove negative feedbacks 
    • Getting personal information from the Customer 
    • Selling fake and illegal products on Amazon
    • Giving reviews on your own listings from the same ip. 
    • Giving bad reviews on your Competitor Listing 
    • Selling used items on amazon 
    • Using multiple accounts 
    • IP violations
    • Changing categories
    • Paid Products Reviews feedbacks
    • Poor customer service 
    • Amazon Policy Violation
    • Restricted Product Listings

    1. Different kind of amazon suspensions
    2. Resolving suspensions by using appeals 

    How to recover an Amazon suspended account? 

    Know the reason why your account is suspended, after getting the knowledge of suspension contact customer support and realize them that Seller is trying its best to provide quality on amazon and Seller will never do this again on  


    If anything is required of amazon, provide them the proofs and things that amazon need, in a professional manner, so that they can realize that it’s a legit person.

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