AliBaba Basics

  • Country Filter on Alibaba
  • By applying a country filter on it helps us in finding the supplier country wise!

    Criteria: in 99% it must be  China 

  • Years of Operation on Alibaba
  • It is the number of years that the Supplier is operating on Alibaba. 

    Criteria: It’s better to get the more seniors sellers, minimum years of operations must be greater than 5 years 

  • Verified Supplier on Alibaba 

  • Verified suppliers on Alibaba are those suppliers where Alibaba has inspected their manufacturing units, factory and warehouses.  Alibaba has special teams that visit the manufacturer.

    This feature helps us in differentiating Supplier and Broker on alibaba, so that customers can shop from the genuine and real Supplier. 

    Criteria: Suppliers must be verified 

    Verified Information Tab on Alibaba product page:It appears when the supplier is verified and it shows verified information gathered from Supplier’s Place!

  • Trade Assurance on Alibaba  

  • Trade assurance is a mediation guarantee provided by Alibaba, if the supplier is trade assured, you will get guarantee that products will have no quality, quantity or any kind of issue that was stated in the product, but not provided by the supplier!

    It’s purely a protection service by ALibaba. 

    Criteria: Supplier must be trade assurance

  • Supplier online Performance Index on Alibaba

  • Indexes are shown as diamonds on alibaba which means that how much Supplier is active on Alibaba specifically in communication & answering to the customer queries and comments! 

    Criteria: Must be atleast 5 star or 4 star 

    It has 6 levels 0-6, 0 for bad and 5 for best!

  • Ready to Ship
  • Referred as Ready Made products, It sorts the suppliers that have products ready and they will ship the products straightaway! 

  • Fast Dispatch
  • Fast dispatch filters the suppliers that will dispatch the products as you will confirm the order!

  • Delivery Duty Paid
  • It includes the responsibility of the supplier to deliver the product at Buyer’s location with covering all the shipping, fees, customs and taxes!

  • Paid Samples
  • Few years ago, Alibaba suppliers were offering 100% free samples, but now Alibaba has changed it’s policy to send free Samples. Now you have to pay if you want to get samples, if you click on this filter, suppliers that offer paid samples will appear there! 

  • Main Product on ALibaba 
  • Main product on alibaba refers to a product, which is the primary or main selling product for any supplier, each supplier has only 1 main product!

    Go to Amazon and finalize the product you want to source, Read negative comments of that product and note down! 

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