How to do SEO Optimized Listing on Amazon

Before that we will know

What is Product Listing?

Uploading the products information for the purpose of selling on any eCommerce website, so that it’s visible to customers and customers can purchase is known as product listing.. 

What is SEO optimized listing? 

Search engine optimized listing is the listing in which product is focus on two things:

  • Keywords
  • Search engine

We add the keywords in our listing so that we can appear on top and accurate on keywords in particular search engines. 

Elements on the listing in Amazon:

  • Category and Sub Category 
  • Manufacturer 
  • Media (images and videos)  
  • Title or Product Name 
  • Brand Name 
  • Short Description 
  • Long Description 
  • Bullets Description 
  • Price 
  • Quantity 
  • Variants 
  • Product ID (UPC, ASIN, GTIN, ISBN) 
  • Measurements
  • Search terms 
  • Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) OR A+ Content  
  • MOQ ( not valid for Amazon)  

Step No. 1 Selecting Product Type

We can list 2 types of products on amazon  

  1. Which is already selling on amazon
  2. Which is not selling on amazon 

If we want to sell the product already selling on amazon you need to provide the product ASIN or if you want to sell a new product then select that option.

Step No.2 Selecting Category and Sub Category on Amazon

As amazon has thousands of products listed to provide the best customer experience and to handle their own data records so that everything is well organized, they have created a number of categories and subcategories. This is the first step of the product listing that we do! 

It also helps us in BSR. BSR is of each category and it provides us the information on which ranking we are standing according to our category and subcategory! 

Step No.3 Product ID

Product ID is the value that can be in the form of UPC, GTIN, ASIN etc

For the products that are already selling on amazon, we don’t need any UPC or any other barcode. They are selling, because they have the barcodes. So we want to sell the product which is not sold on amazon (Private Label) Products then we need the barcodes! 

History of Barcodes: 

As products were increasing day by day, it was difficult to know about the product information, like brand name,  who is the parent of the product etc

By creating the organization named GS1( ), this problem was solved!

GS1 is not for profit organization and issues. 

Features of Barcodes 

  • Global identification of the product (every GTIN is unique)
  • Starting digits are company prefix, means that it has company digits in GTIN 
  • It’s CNIC for the product 
  • It provides Company information that who’s the parent of the product 
  • We can verify the GTin by using this link  ( ) 

What if we don’t have barcodes and brand names? 

If the seller doesn't have any brand name or barcode on the product, then you can apply for GTIN exemption! You need to contact amazon seller central customer support, so that they can allow you to sell the product without brand name and barcode!

They will ask about which category in your account you want to apply for the GTIN exemption! You have to specify your categories, amazon may ask for the product pictures as well, which you want to sell! 

What happens After GTIN exemption?

After GTIN exemption, the product ID option will be locked/disabled and you cannot edit it anymore! 

And in the brand name you need to write “Generic”! 

Step number 4: Product titles

What are product titles/ Product Names? 

Product titles or names are always written in text, and it includes the name of the product, how a product can be searched by a customer before purchasing the product! 

Importance of product titles?

  • It plays a primary role in SEO of the product.
  • The keywords written in Product titles are considered as high priority 
  • Titles have more SEO keywords priority than the description

How to Write SEO optimized product titles?

  • Open scribbles from 
  • Do keyword Research
  • FInd 1 Primary Keyword(most Searched keyword, means greatest number 1) 
  • Find 5 Secondary keywords(most Searched keyword after primary keywords, means greatest number 1)
  • Find 5 Territory keywords 

Make list of 10 keywords like this 



Search volume 


Car Vacuum Cleaner 



Car Hoover



Handheld Vacuum 



Car cleaner 



Car vacuum cleaner 



Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner





  • Add all these keywords to scribble 
  • Try to write all of them in title with your skills 

So title we finally wrote is : hamxii car vacuum cleaner - Car hoover  - handheld vacuum - portable car vacuum cleaner  - Car cleaner with cleaning accessories - 12v Cordless cleaner  for interior detailing - Auto Accessories Kit 

Length (200/200) 


Step number 5: Product Bullets 

What are product bullets or Key Product Features:

Product bullets are 5 bullets (mostly) which allow you to write the best and top features of your product. It helps in SEO of the listing, we need to write keywords in it with our marketing message!

How to write Key Product Features or bullet descriptions in amazon?

So first find the most amazing features about the product by viewing the customers 5 star reviews and product descriptions from Competitors listing.  

By viewing this product reviews I was able to categorize 5 bullets in following: 

  1. All the small particles that cannot be picked by hands and tools can be cleaned including pets hairs, cigarette lighter. 
  2. This is 3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner 
  3. Easy and Best to use with charging port and 16 feet cord 
  4. How powerful it is that it sucks everything with just 1 touch, time saving 
  5. Easy and comfortable to use 

Bullets/ Key Product Features:

  • Need of Every home: No need to  worry about pet hairs in the car, cigarette particles, dust or other particles in the car. Car vacuum cleaner  works perfectly for car cleaning anywhere, anytime. 
  • 3 in 1 Car vacuum  cleaner :   Car cleaner has 3 heads based on your daily needs that includes, Flathead, extendable, or brush nozzle. For dust cleaning inside the car brush nozzle works magically!  
  • Made for every car:  It works with a 12v power adapter inside the car and can be moved to 16 feet distance.  Which is applicable to around all of the cars. a portable 

A car vacuum cleaner  can work with multiple cars, so 1 car cleaner  is enough for your multiple cars. 

  • Time Saving, Plug in the cleaner  inside the car and use the relevant head for your needs. Car vacuum cleaner  will suck everything rapidly and make your car neat and clean. 
  • Easy and Comfortable, It's made ergonomically for your needs! Never get tired of cleaning the car. It starts Working by plugging the adapter inside the car. 

Step number 6: Product Descriptions 

What is Product description:

Product description is written only in text on amazon, and it has a length of 2000 characters. To ideally write it we use 3 major parts in it!

  • Product Features (With marketing aspects)
  • Product Specifications
  • Product keywords 

How to write Product description: 

  • Write 5-10 Headings, based on the features of the products. 
  • Note down product down specifications, and write those who are unique and not mentioned in product information 
  • And use keywords inside them 

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