PPC Campaigns

In which PPC stands for Pay per click campaigns, it means that:

“Payment is made by the advertiser on each click done by the visitor” 

Where does it appear on Amazon?

  1. Search results, as a product appears on amazon and it has mentioned “sponsored” in it! 
  2. Search page, below the products having media and product links
  3. Product Page has a heading with the name of “Products related to this item“ it includes sponsored products that are results of PPC campaigns.

How to run these PPC campaigns?

  • Login to amazon seller central account 
  • Search for Advertising Tab 
  • Click on Campaign manager
  • So, campaign manager is all about PPC 

Some Important terms inside PPC  campaigns:

  • Spend
  • Amount spent on advertising during the ppc campaigns is known as “Spend”.


  • Sales
  • Amount of sales returned after spending on “PPC campaigns” 

  • ROAS
  • Return on Ad Spend, it’s an percentage calculated with following formula: 

    ROAS = Sales/Spend .

  • Impressions
  • Number of people who have their eyes on the ads is known as impressions. 

  • CPC
  • Cost per Click, Amount of money spent to get 1 click is known as Cost per click. It’s the second step towards sales after Impressions. 

  • CTR
  • Click Through Rate, the ratio of impressions converted into clicks is known as click through rate. 

    CTR= Clicks/Impressions 

  • Orders
  • Number of  orders received, in return for the advertising, is known as Orders. 

  • ACOS 
  • Advertising cost of sales, amount spent to get one sales by advertising amount is known as ACOS. 

  • ROAS
  • Ratio of amount returned or collected after spending budget on ads, is known as ROAS. 

    PPC Cycle 

    Impression Steps : 

    Customer Visits ->  Customer View the PROMOTED product 

    Customer Visits ->  Customer ignores the PROMOTED  product 

    In both cases impressions will increase. 

    Click Steps:

    Customer View the PROMOTED product ->Click on the PROMOTED product 

    Customer View the PROMOTED product ->Customer ignores the PROMOTED  product 

    In both cases click will increase 

    Order/Sales Steps:

    Click on the PROMOTED product -> Purchase the Promoted Product 

    Click on the PROMOTED product ->Left the PROMOTED product

    How to increase your sales with PPC campaigns?

    Campaign optimisation in Amazon PPC 

    It’s the efficiency of the ad that is based on targeting, budget and placement is known as campaign optimisation. 

    Campaign optimisation is done to get High R.O.A.S 

    What is the portfolio in Amazon PPC?

    PPC campaigns Portfolio is a management feature that allows you to group and organize your Amazon PPC Campaigns into collections that mirror the structure of your business. With the help of a portfolio, you can have the flexibility to arrange campaigns in a way that’s meaningful for you, such as by brand, product category, or season. 

    How to create a portfolio in Amazon PPC Campaign?

    You can create a new portfolio in just a few clicks by selecting the campaigns you would like to group together. After creating a portfolio, you can quickly update your portfolio settings with inline edits or bulk sheets.

    What is the Campaign in Amazon PPC?

    It’s the marketing/advertising activity created to get some particular results is known as Campaign. 

    Types of Campaigns in Amazon PPC 

    1. Sponsored Products 
    2. Sponsored Brands 
    3. Sponsored Display 

    Types of Targeting: 

    • Automatic targeting 

    Amazon Algorithm automatically selects the relevant keywords, and shows the product on that keywords. 

    • Manual Targeting 

    Advertiser has to manually add the keywords on which advertiser wants to show their products

    What is Campaign bidding strategy?

    Placing the product on different positions of the product page, you need to decide your location, that can be top, bottom or anywhere else. For that purpose a bid was introduced, highest the bid, highest the ranking on the product page with sponsored tag. 

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