How to Do Successful Amazon Product Research?

How to Do Successful Amazon Product Research?

Golden Tips for the product researchers  

  • Products must be light weighted
  • While choosing the products, always pay high priority to light weight products as it’s the best way to save costs that sellers cannot see! 

    Reason: We need to pay 2x,3x, etc, Shipping charges are applied on both inbound and outbound shipments.

  • Products must have low volume 
  • While choosing the products, always pay high priority to low volume products as it’s the best way to save costs that sellers cannot see! 

    Reason: We need to pay 2x,3x, etc, Shipping charges are applied on both inbound and outbound shipments.

  • Liquid products must be avoided
  • Products having liquid must be avoided while choosing the products, because it has too many leakages and packaging issues, which increases shipping and packaging costs, while liquid products have higher checks of security, custom and clearance.

    Hence shipping, packaging and  custom charges are responsible for the high cost of liquid products. 

    One damaged product can destroy all of your products, so liquid  products are a good risk!  

    Example: If we want to sell 1 kg sugar v/s 1 kg Milk, Milk will have higher shipping, packaging and transportation costs as compared to sugar.

  • Don’t Sell Seasonal or occasional products
  • Seasonal products or occasional products are referred to the external conditions or a specific time period where products sell  in that specific time period!

    Example: Summers, Winters, COVID-19, Eud, Ramadan,Christmas etc.. 


  • No Fragile products
  • Fragile products are those products that always can be easily broken by falling on the floor or applying some pressure! Fragile products are difficult to manage so we need to apply high amounts of money for safe and secure packages, while fragile products have too much complaints in them! 

    Example: It includes glass products, crockery etc. 

  • No food or supplements
  • It includes costs and issues like product expiry which cause the products wastages, on the other end food products have high security measures, marketplaces don't allow them to sell without verification process! Authorities like the FDA  can be issue for the seller! 

  • No Liabilities Products
  • Liabilities products are those products that may cause issues for the customer after purchasing and using the products. 

  • Decent Profit margins 
  • Example: Self made or brand made products are having around 50% profit margin, while other retail items have 10% profit margin, on that way people like to start the business and categories having decent profit margins! 


  • No Legal issues 
  • Products don’t have any legal issues, products must be cleared by all the custom authorities, some products have legal issues as they can be harmful for human lifes, so we need to avoid legal products! 

  • No branded Associations
  • In pakistan, it is assumed that pampers is the name of diapers, so people don’t know about the diapers, they will look for pampers from other companies, but in fact pampers is the brand, while diapers is the product of pampers. If any brand has 60% dominance, it's better to ignore that brand!

  • Product must have low variants
  • Products having a high number of variants are not more than any challenge, you need to buy 10 products in normal scenarios but in variant products you need to buy 100 products! 

    For example,

    Difficulty while starting:

    Person A bought 10 gaming mouse, while Person B need to buy 10 t shirts now,

    Each t-shirt has 5 colors and each color has 5 sizes!

    So 10 x 5 x5, so Person B needs to buy 250 products instead of 10 products. 

    Difficulty while managing:

    You don’t need which color will perform well in the market, so you can also lose any of the articles!

  • Products should have Room of improvements
  • Products can be improved  is the main motto, because if we find the room to make things better, we can get a competitor edge and hijack the sales. 

  • Battery or Electric Operated Products
  • Because amazon tests the products with various aspects, so it’s better to avoid electric or battery operated products!

  • Product Price should be around $20 
  • Product ideal price is around $15-$25,

    Why must products not be too low priced?

    If we are selling low priced products we will get very low profit from it, as profit has this formula:

    Profit($1-$1.5)= Sales Price ($5) -  Cost($2) - Selling Fee ($0.5) - Shipping Costs ($1) 

     So too low profit with the same struggle!

    Why must products not be too highly priced?

    High priced items are not sold regularly, these products are rarely sold, that’s why it’s not recommended to sell high ticket products. 

    Diamond Tips:

  • Product must be able to execute “Recurring Sales” 
  • Product must have recurring sales, Recurring sales means product should be consumed and used again and again! 

    Example: Diapers & facemask are used and purchased again & again, without quality complaints

  • Product must be capable of upselling or cross selling  
  • Up selling and cross selling means that the Seller can sell further related items to the customer who is purchasing. 

    Examples: Screen Protector, mobile covers is the up selling of mobile phones. 

  • Quick and Easy products sourcing
  • Always choose the products having fastest shipping and easy sourcing. It will help you in launching and then managing the inventory on time!

  • Listing must have the opportunity to grow
  • Products listed on different e-commerce platforms must have deficiencies, so that new business can fill those deficiencies and rock in the market! It means that the product can be improved technically!

  • Product must have the opportunity to grow 
  • Products can have any missing features, functionality or difficulty to use the product, which can be fixed or improved so that customers can enjoy the product in a better way from your competitors. 

  • Products must have High demand and low competition
  • If anyone wants to start a business this rule is the “backbone” of it’s research, this rule applies to all types of business in any market! 

    If you want to start your offline business, if you want to start an online business, if you want to start a shoe shop, if you want to start a vegetable shop, this rule applies everywhere!

    The same rule allows you to handle the price situation!


    Which types of products Amazon Allows to Sell? 

    Amazon has created a complete list of categories that are allowed or restricted!  Amazon has 2 types, of  categories:

  • Gated Categories 🔒
  • Now a question arises, what are gated categories? 

    “Gated categories are those categories that needs amazon approval before we sell that products”

    Reasons behind Gating of the categories, Why Amazon has gated the categories? 

    Because amazon has thousands of sellers and amazon cannot control all the sellers at the same time, so the categories having issues or problems are marked as gated categories so that amazon can allow it to trusted people. 

    List of Gated Category:

  • Why is Grocery & Gourmet Food restricted on Amazon ? 
  • Reason: People can sell poisonous or poor standard food, that’s why amazon has restricted this category!

  • Why is Jewellery restricted on Amazon ? 
  • Reason: People can sell fake gold, silver, diamond and opal items on the name of jewellery, so amazon can just allow trusted sellers. 

  • Why is Music Video restricted on Amazon ? 
  • Reason: Music and Video producers are very limited, so that no one can sell pirated music or video, amazon has restricted this category!

    • DVD & Blu-ray Watches
    • Postage stamps 
    • Collectible Coins 
    • Personal Safety and Household products 
    • Entertainment 
    • Collectibles 

  • Why is Fine Art restricted on Amazon ? 
  • In the case of painters, one single painting costs thousands of dollars, while anyone can list the cloned or copied painting which may cause authenticity reasons! 

    • Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games 
    • Jewelry
    •  Join Amazon Subscription Boxes
    •  Made in Italy
    •  Music & DVD
    •  Requirements for selling Automotive & Powersports products


    • Services
    •  Sports Collectibles 
    • Streaming  Media Players
    •  Video
    •  DVD, & Blu-ray Watches

  • Un Gated Categories 🔓
  • Now a question arises, what are ungated categories? 

    “Ungated categories are those categories that doesn’t need amazon approval before we sell that products”

    List of un gated categories:

    • Baby
    • Beauty
    • Books
    • Camera & Photo
    • Clothing & Accessories
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Grocery & Gourmet Foods
    • Health & Personal Care 
    • Home & Garden
    • Industrial & Scientific (BISS)
    • Kindle Accessories
    • Luggage & Travel Accessories
    • Musical Instruments
    • Office Products
    • Outdoors
    • Personal Computers
    • Pet Supplies
    • Shoes, Handbags, & Sunglasses
    • Software
    • Sports
    • Tools & Home Improvement
    • Toys
    • Video Games

    Amazon Product Research for private label, is also known as Amazon Product Hunting:  

    How to find products for amazon private label? 

    Steps to find products to sell on Amazon Private label:

  • Finalize your MarketPlace(Where you want to sell) US, UK etc…

  • Finalize your Niche(Optional)... 

  • Getting Product Ideas
  • Product Idea means that you need to have some products that you want to sell, and if we have some products in mind we can check that either they lie in our criteria or not! 

    1. Usage of Mind (if Experienced) 

    This something that someone else cannot do, you do it by yourself, remember the things you ever seen on the internet or you wished you wanted to sell! 

    1. Finding Products from Amazon, Amazon BSR, Deals etc…
    • Finding products from Amazon BSR(Best sellers Rank) 
    • How will the BSR tab appear on your amazon home page? 
    • You need to set the delivery location to US 

    1. Other e Commerce Platforms (ebay, aliexpress, alibaba, etsy etc)
    • Go and visit and you can get ideas from there!
    • How can we use aliexpress to find hot selling products for amazon product research?
    • Create your account by completing some simple steps
    • And then click on “find products to sell” 
    • Use category filter based on your needs 
    • Apply filter on ds orders so that we can get the products with maximum orders in past:
    • We can get ideas from here! 
    • We can find the products from alibaba which we can sell on amazon? 
    • We can do it by performing following  steps: 
    • We select the our category:
    • Select sub category: 
    • Browse the products: 

    1. Automated product Research (You share your criteria) 

    In automated product research, we need to go on  and then visit product research and then black box. 


    Choose your marketplace:

    Select your desired categories:

    Write Minimum monthly revenue you want :

    After filling:

  • Verifying the product with criteria (may be given by client or we can do it by our experience) 
    • Write the product keyword on the search bar in amazon
    • Wait for the results to appear
      • Install the helium10 chrome extension, if not installed by using the following link and then sign up there! 
      • Click on the H10 extension icon. 
      • Do the X-RAY of the Results. 
      • How can we find the competition and demand of the product? 
      • Demand can be checked  by the results of Search Volume
      • If the SV is greater than 5,000, then it means that product has good demand!
  • What is meant by criteria? 
  • Criteria  is quantitative and qualitative measurements of anything, that limitize us, so that we can achieve particular goals that we want! w
  • What is meant by Search Volume  in Helium 10 extension? 
      • Search Volume is the number, that for how much time a specific keyword is searched!
  • What is meant by total revenue in Helium 10?

      • Total Revenue is the number of revenue generated by sales on this keyword in the last 30 days is known as total revenue in helium10 extension. 
  • What is meant by Average revenue in helium 10 extension?
    • Average sales made by products in the last 30 days is known as Average revenue in helium10 extension.
    • What is meant by average price in helium 10 extension? 
    • Average price by sellers for the product on these keywords is known as average price in helium 10 extension. 
    • What is meant by average BSR on helium 10 extension? 
      • BSR is known as best sellers rank, it is average BSR carried by all the products in this keyword, is known as average bsr in helium 10 extension. 
      • What is meant by average reviews in helium 10 extension?
      • Average Number of reviews of these products under these keywords is known as average reviews. 
  • Opportunity Finder bar in helium
    • It consists of 2 types of filters,

    One is for revenue and one is for product reviews, 

    if any products from top 10 products have revenue over 5000 then it will consider 1 score out of 10 for each 1 product. 

    • If the top 10 products have reviews less than 75, then each product will have 1 score, so in the above mentioned figure there are 2 products with reviews less than 75. 

    When you click on related keywords, you will get a list of keywords that can be used by the listing for secondary and territory keywords! 

    Other tabs on helium10:




    To be consider 

    Ideal Factor 


    A identification that who is assembling/manufacturing the  product




    An amount on which product is dol



    No. of Sales by the product in last 30 days 


    Sales Graph

    How product selling behaved in last 30 days



    No. of amount generated by the product 



    BSR of the Relevant product


    FBA FEEs

    How much fee Amazon is charging for this product?


    Active Sellers

    No of sellers selling the same product, it identifies that the product is with whole sale category



    Rating Score of the individual product 

    Review Count

    No of reviews on the listing 


    No of image of the product 

    Review Velocity 

    Change of review count with the passage of time 

    Buybox Owner

    Who owns the buybox, it happens when product has more than 1 seller 


    To whom category this product lies

    Size Tier

    In which size category our product lies. 

    Fulfillment Type 

    AMZ,  The products where amazon is a seller by itself!

    FBA, Fulfilment by Amazon 

    FBM or MFN, merchant fulfillment network 

    Criteria for U.S Market : Product Criteria for U.S Market  Extreme Commerce (3).pdf 

  • Sales Trend,  Product Evergreen / Seasonal?
  • We have 2 methods to check either the product is seasonal of evergreen, 

    • Check the sales trends from amazon product page, make sure helium10 chrome extension is installed! 
    • AS low the BSR is, sales will be greater, as higher the BSR is, sales are lesser, So we need to check the BSR is consistent throughout the year! 
    • Go to, select your location “United States” or the target market, “Search the main keyword there” and See if the line is consistent and not touching the floor again and again! 
  • Product sourcing Via Sea or Air? 
  • If the product weight is greater than 500 grams than the product will be delivered via ocean freights(sea freights) 

  • How can we improve this product? Or can we add any functionality?
  •  Note all that points that can make the product functionality better, We can do it by reading the negative reviews of the customers regarding the product, Note down at least 5 elements that you can improve. 

  • Patent Issues? 
  • How can we check Listing quality in amazon?
  • Open the product pages of the 2,3 competitors products, and see the score, how much result do they have out of 10? 

    If the evaluation result is less  than 7 in at least 3 out of 10 listings then we have a good option to improve the listing quality! 

  • Variations across the page 
  • Variations across the page means that number of similar products across the main page, when you search the keyword of the product! Variations means (change of products) must not be more than 50% 

  • Giveaways Inventory
  • This inventory is calculated by CPR 8 Giveaways, it shows how much inventory we have to give away in order to rank our product on the first page! 

  • Product profit estimation 
  • We have to make sure that we are making at least 25% profit with normal prices! 

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