Shopify Dropshipping Course and Local Ecommerce Training mentorship Program

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Welcome to Proven Roadmap 7 Figure Sales Per Month with Shopify, An Overview of Our training:Ā 

āœ… Creating 7 Figures mindset, Strategy, and steps taken in start to reach 7 figures.

āœ…creating your own profitable shopify store quickly and easily.

āœ… Researching Ideal winning Product-based with SheikhCommerce framework.

āœ… Ā Youā€™ll learn how to choose the best products that have the greatest potential for massive dropshipping sales.

āœ… Ā Ā working with high quality suppliers who speak English, have an excellent dropshipping reputation and fast shipping times.

āœ… Registering Our Brand.

āœ… Launching Our Product with marketing

āœ… Ā Add Additional Features Through The Shopify App Marketplace.

āœ… unleash the power of marketing, so that you can drive thousands of targeted customers to your Shopify store every single month.

āœ…Making everything on Autopilot.



šŸ‘Øā€šŸ«Trainer Name: Sheikh Hamza Ashraf

šŸŽ„Total Number of Lectures: 10Ā 

šŸ““Assignment Days:Ā 4Ā 

šŸ“…Total Days:Ā 14

šŸŽžļøMode:Ā Live zoom lecturesĀ 

šŸ’¬Communication Channel: Whatsapp

āœ…Lecture Availablity: LifetimeĀ 

šŸ•›Course Availity: LifetimeĀ  Ā 

šŸ˜Customer Support and Mentorship: LifetimeĀ 


After This Course Student will have the following skills/knowledge:Ā 

  • Creating / Managing Fully Professional E-commerce WebsiteĀ 
  • Creating / Managing Professional and Functional Dropshipping CourseĀ 
  • Dropshipping Product Research and finding winning products from 5 different ways
  • Writing SEO Optimized Description with HD images, GIF and Ad Copy
  • Creating Converting HD Dropshipping Video AdsĀ 
  • Marketing with Google ads, Snapchat, youtube influencers, and SEO
  • How to run Fb ads for best sales!Ā 
  • How to Serve as VA?
  • Reasons behind successful store owners!
  • Creating PayPal in Pakistann

Lecture 0:Ā 

Basics Of Course

  • FAQ
  • Trainings InformationĀ 
  • How do ask questions and get replies in a few moments?
  • Motivation
  • What is shopify
  • What is dropshippingĀ 
  • Best Country for this business
  • Shopify and AmazonĀ 
  • Shopify and WordpressĀ 
  • Shopify and marketing
  • Investment requiredĀ 
  • Shopify Subscription feeĀ 
  • DomainĀ 

Lecture 1 & 2 on :

Dropshipping Store DevelopmentĀ 

Lectures will contain the following sections:

  • What is dropshipping? Shopify and its alternatives!
  • Intro to Store and Demand of Store Development on freelancing platforms
  • Types Of Stores
    • General StoreĀ 
    • Category(Niche) Based Store
    • Single Product StoreĀ 
    • Creating a Store
    • Menu BarĀ 
    • Adding products +Ā 
    • Legal Pages +Ā 
    • PagesĀ Ā 
  • Necessary and Must Apps for dropshipping Store
  • Using Apps, Analytics, and Sales Channels
    • Creating contact and legal pages
    • Navigations and Menus
    • Developing store
    • Up-Selling Products
    • How Products works in Shopify
    • Creating a Single Product StoreĀ 
    • Introduction to themes
    • Gig Making Keywords for store development
  • Project: Creating a General Store or any niche-based store. (1 Day)

Lecture 3:

Dropshipping Product Research(Finding Winning Product)

Intro to Aliexpress, Suppliers, Samples, and Demand of Product Research on freelancing platforms.

  • What is winning the Product?
  • Spying Ads
  • Spying Stores
  • Hunting ToolsĀ 
  • Hunting AliexpressĀ 
  • Aliexpress Dropship Centre
  • Aliexpress Basic Product Research Filters
  • Factors to be controlled and considerableĀ 
  • Controlling 7 Dropshipping Factors including Price, Rating, Shipping, Saturation Level, Competition & Product Age
  • Gig Making Keywords for Product Research

Project: Create a list of 15 products with all factors controlled, and the latest winning products!Ā 

Lecture 4:

Writing SEO Optimized Product Titles, Descriptions and Ad Copy ( Sales Copy Writing and Ad text)

  • Intro to Descriptions, Ad Copy, and Demand of it on freelancing platforms.
    • Format of Writing Persuasive Product Description
    • Intro to SEO and keywords
    • How to write SEO optimized Title and Description
    • How to write any Product Ad Text or Ad CopyĀ 
    • Creating and Using GIFs for descriptions
    • Creating and Using Images for descriptions
    • Gig Making KeywordsĀ 

Project: Write SEO optimized Descriptions forĀ  3Ā  Products AssignedĀ 

Lecture 5:

Creating Dropshipping Video Ads

  • Intro to Facebook Video Ads and Demand of it on freelancing platforms.
    • Format and Resolutions for Ads
    • Tools for Creating Ads
    • Writing Script and Choosing Content for AdĀ 
    • Making converting and Professional Video AdĀ 
  • Gig Keywords
  • Project: Create 2 Highly Converting, confirm profitable video ad for the same productĀ  (1 day)

Lecture 6:

Ways of marketing.Ā 

  • Facebook AdsĀ 
    • Email MarketingĀ 
    • Google Ads
    • Instagram Influencers
    • Youtubers
    • SEO

Lecture 7:

Facebook Marketing:

  • Intro to Facebook Campaigns Settings and Demand of it on freelancing platforms.
    • How people become millionaires overnight with Facebook marketing?
    • Types Of AdsĀ 
    • AdĀ  PlacementsĀ 
    • How to Attach your Store and Pixels with FaceBook marketing.
    • Setting UpĀ  CampaignsĀ 
    • Facebook PixelsĀ 
    • Finding Winning AudienceĀ 
    • Automatic V/S Manual FB BiddingĀ 
    • Look Like AudienceĀ 
    • Custom Ads and retargeting
    • Ads KPIsĀ 
    • Facebook Organic AudienceĀ 
    • Product TestingĀ 
    • All gig keywords, for these services
  • Project: Run FB ad campaign with Facebook pixelsĀ 

Lecture 8:

Boosting the Store :

  • Adding Product Reviews
  • Order FulfillmentĀ 
  • Adding/Importing/Exporting Products to Shopify Store
  • Importing Products to Shopify Store
  • Shopify Store Customer SupportĀ 
  • Facebook Instagram ManagerĀ 
  • EmailĀ  Customer ServiceĀ 

Lecture 9:

Paypal From Pakistan:Ā 

  • How to make paypal from PakistanĀ 
  • Virtual AddressĀ 
  • Company registrationĀ 
  • UK BankĀ 
  • UK SimĀ 
  • UK Paypal

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