Product Sourcing for Amazon Steps A-Z Guide

Product Sourcing for Amazon Steps A-Z Guide

Finding winning products and verify it with all stats. 

As we know that we are going to invest a big amount of money and time on the product, we need to be ready. The product from each angle must be showing green signals. As everyone knows “haste makes waste”, so be careful while finalizing the product. A common mistake made by 50% product researchers is that they bring the product to the criteria, instead of bringing the criteria for the product! Match the products with criteria, check that either the product is feasible to sell or not!

Pro Tip: Verify the product from 2,3 experts as well, don’t use the same product researcher for this, do this step in a parallel manner! 

  • Finding Improvements which you need in the product. 

  • Why do we do this?

    If everyone is selling the same product we will have a 10-50% sales probability. 10% in the case of starting the product when we have low reviews, while 50% when we will have the same reviews as our competitor!

    When we will have an improved product then sales probability is 50-80%, 50% when we have low reviews and 80% when we have the same reviews as our competitor! 

    How can we find the improvements of the products?

    You can find the improvements by reading the customer reviews about the product, read negative or 1 star reviews, get ideas, why this product is getting that 1 star reviews and how we can fix it? 

    How can we add creativity in the product? 

    We can have creativity ideas by reading the customer’s questions and reviews, we get the ideas, what customers are expecting with this product? 

    Difference between creativity and improvement of the product:

    In creativity what do we do? We enhance the features, change the design or amend the functionality of the product!

    While in improvement, we fix the bad points of the products which other sellers are facing. 

    Product Improvement Sheet and Product Creativity Sheet: 


    Product Asin

    Improvement that need to be maintain 

    Priority 1-5

    1- Best 


    Feasible or not? 



    Product Asin

    Creativity that we can bring 

    Priority 1-5

    1- Best 


    Feasible or not? 

  • Choose Manufacturing Country

  • When do we need to choose Pakistan? 

    Pakistan has its own expertise in exports, Pakistan is best at : 

    • Textile 

    Pakistan has the ability to manufacture World’s Best Quality, Bedsheets, T-Shirts, Pents, babies garments, Sportswear, jeans, Trousers, TrackSuits, Caps, Uppers and Dresses! 

    • Surgical Products

    Pakistan is famous for top notched surgical equipment!  

    • Wooden HandMade products

    Pakistan has a large variety of handmade wooden products! 

    • Sports products 

    Pakistan is famous for football and other sports products manufacturing! 

    • Salt Products (eatable and uneatable) 

    Pakistan produces unique gifts and decorations products made with salt! Pakistan also supplies pink salt to the whole World! 

    Why is China preferred for product sourcing as compared to the US? 

    • China works on the concept of dumping 
    • Social security benefits in China are lower than the US, Employees and Laborers have less strict policies! 
    • Low Labor Cost  As compared to US 
    • Tax for industries is less than the taxes in US
    • Bulk Products with Bulk Manufacturing technique   
    • Low Production Cost
    • Large scale manufacturing 
    • Favorable and supportive policies for suppliers by the Government
    • China itself is able to produce raw materials, raw materials are cheap, chinese government policy on exported materials.
    • Shipping charges are low as compared to US 
    • China does charge tax only on technical products
    • Lower transportation costs (Electric transportation)  
    • Low electricity costs in US

    1. Patent Research (Self based)

    What is meant by patent?

    “Design of the products are protected by legal rights, that no one other can use the same design of the product is known as patent”

    Legal issues which we can face are copyrights issues, Patent issues and trademark issues! 

    • Copyrights affect intellectual property including, descriptions, images etc…. 
    • Trademarks include name and logo issues, we need to make them unique. 
    • Patent rights are based on the shape of the product, the product needs to be unique, which has no= legal issues!
    • IP claims: Intellectual property claims are legal actions brought by one party against another when a party feels its intellectual property (IP) rights have been infringed upon.
    • How to conduct patent research self based? 

    There are 2 major websites for patent research

    How to check patents from site? 

  • Supplier Research (Find 2-5 Suppliers) 
  • A complete guide to choose the best Suppliers on alibaba 

  • Contact the supplier 
  • Subject: “I’m interested in [Product Name]”  or “RFQ for [Product Name]”

    Hello [Potential supplier] (Note: use their given name if you have it),

    I’m (your name) the procurement manager for [company name], and I’m interested in receiving a quote for [product name]

    If you manufacture [product name], please email me more information to [your email]

    In your response, include:

  • Pictures of the product, and a photo of [product detail] (note: the detail can be anything; make sure it forces them to use pictures taken for you and not found elsewhere)
  • The Minimum Order Quantity
  • The price at the MOQ and [some other amount] (Note: I find that getting 2 prices for different quantities lets you know their flexibility on a price and helps in negotiations later on)
  • [the price to make any changes or customization that you want] (be specific on this part, but you can skip it if you want a product as-is)
  • What is the shipping cost of sending a sample?
  • What are the shipping terms?
  • The Closest port (note the port should be close to where they claim they are located if you’re dealing with a factory. If it’s too far, be cautious)
  • Thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you!

    [your name]

    Procurement manager

    [Company name]

  • Negotiation steps:
  • Contact 3-5 Suppliers (With given template)(top according to our criteria)  
  • Consider incoterms while negotiation
  • Consider MOQ while negotiation
  • Consider Price 
  • 70% Communication role.
  • Sample Collection with consolidation services. 
  • Negotiation with low price and lowest MOQ. 
  • Finalizing the Supplier. 
  • Patent Research (Expert Based)
  • We hire patent expert WorldWide and assign this task, we get professional report and then

    After verification we move next!  

  • Dummy Listing and verify. 
  • We do dummy listings to get satisfaction or verification from amazon that the product we are selling has no issues! After listing the product we contact amazon customer support that the product we have listed has any issues or not? We do this 3 times so that 3 different (CS agents) experts can view and comment on our product!


    1. Go ahead with manufacturing. 

    We pay 30% advance to the manufacturer on alibaba in all the terms decided! And the rest of them will be paid on the delivery of the goods! 


      1. Learn About Incoterms and Shipping courier custom charges!
  • List the product in the Amazon catalog. 
  • Create shipment plans. 
  • ___________________________________________________________________________

    1. Hire Inspection Teams 

    Hire inspection teams and then you have to ask them to test the product on your standards! 


  • Apply labels on product packaging. 
  • ___________________________________________________________________________

  • Hire freight forwarder
  • If your product is not DDP, then hire freight forwarders so that they can ship your products to your desired destination! 

  • Start Marketing 

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