8 Secrets Of 8 Figures Shopify Dropshippng Store Owners

8 Secrets Of 8 Figures Shopify Dropshippng Store Owners

In 2021, Where Everyone has the passion to make side money and they save the earnings to spend on dropshipping, but it’s a reality that dropshipping can change their lives. The first thing you must know about dropshipping is that you have a great grip on each aspect of dropshipping from product research to marketing! Hiring VA is a good option, but you must have a good inspection and testing checklist, before ordering to any VA. The people with 0 knowledge and with the help of others are not able to make good sales. Around 90-95 % of stores fail to even get first sales, which means that all the savings are wasted while the remaining 5% are able to get their investments back and some become 6-7-8 figures! 

Secret Number 1: 

You Must Have A Strong eye on your competitors, the strategies which they are using, you should do the same. 

How you can spy Ads? 

There are many free ad spy tools, and adspy is a good tool too which will help you to get the ads related to dropshipping and show the ads having good engagements, which will be the indicator that the product is absolutely making sales. 

You need to apply the latest and highest engagement filters to get trendy and latest products.

Best Store Niche: 

There are around 4 major types of stores. 

  1. Single Product Store ( A store based on One Product) 
  2. Niche Based Store (Pets or Fitness Store) 
  3. Sub Niche Based Store ( Bulldog Store or Yoga Store ) 
  4. General Store. 

Now the question arises which one is the best? 

Honestly, It doesn’t matter, but if you have a single good product to sell, for any type of store that can really help you! 


It’s very simple and easy when you plan for marketing, never focus on the number of products in your store, just focus on the quality of the Single Product, which means that you choose a single product which you want to test. 


Getting a good product, every successful dropshipper has its own criteria and way of finding products, but the most important thing is that it should be problem-solving, now you have seen the people selling jewelry but we will not discuss that selling methodology. 

A good product must be multi problem solving, which means that it covers a wide audience, like if it’s a product that solves the problem of the person who loves traveling, at the same time it attracts the person who loves the gym, then it’s going to work! 

And if that product is gender-free + age free, then it has more probability of selling. Reasons: 

If you market the product, the person watching the ad can buy it for themselves, for some relatives or to give it to someone. 

The thing which you are marketing may be that person is planning to do and feels it is the best partner. 

Take an example of the latest winning product: The neck air fan.

Gender Free and Age Free and Multi problem-Solving Features: 

  • This product can be used by a lady cooking in the kitchen. 
  • This can be used as the old person reading a newspaper in the garden. Someone needs a fan during a treadmill. 
  • Someone needs a fan while traveling.
  • Someone who needs it while sleeping and there are a hundred usages regarding this product. 


After choosing the best product, add it to your store! Don’t add the image which has a company/Supplier Logo on Image. 

Find the wow images from aliexpress(Same product but different suppliers). How to get WOW Images? 

Scroll the products on Aliexpress and you can see multiple useful images, including those images too, that is explaining the functionality of the product, images can be downloaded with a chrome extension named “Aliexpress Image Downloader”. 


The title which you will get from aliexpress will be for the purpose of aliexpress suppliers, not yours. 

They use several keywords to rank their products high on aliexpress. While as well as your product will have a concern which kind of features it must contain? 

  • Unique - Never contain the words that your competitors are using! 
  • Catchy. ( Grab the attention ) 
  • Branded. ( Shows reliable Product ) 

Unique: If you are selling “Neck Fan “, after watching your ad he/she will search it on google, amazon, or eBay. 

The probability is the product that will be displayed from amazon or aliexpress, customers are loyal to platforms(Like Amazon), and platforms are more reliable and secure so that customer preference will be other platforms. 


Audience doesn’t want to see the simple descriptions, while all the landing pages(Product Page) must have good descriptions, used with high emojis and different colors to get more attraction! Start the description with Upsell options, while after that Try to explain the problems in prominent colors and use GIFs so that customers can understand that the product is problem-solving. In the end, add more reasons why One Should Buy and Add trust badges at the end.


Facebook Video Ad, Make FB ad with the following guidelines: 

  • Start with Scroll Stopping Clips Photos 
  • Pure HD video AD 
  • Relevant Music(motivational music for fitness products) 
  • WOW, clips, The FB ad must consist of wow clips and the attention should be increasing of the customer while watching the ad. 
  • Add many reasons to Buy. 

Facebook Targeting, 

  • Audience is everything. If you are able to sell it to the person who really needs the product, you are going to make more sales. 
  • Use these techniques for finding best audience 



For a single individual, never spend your whole budget for a few months, divide your budgets for ->hunting the product to FB ads marketing. 

And learn the things from each campaign, instead of spending all of your budget one time, divide it for at least 6 months because If you have the guts to become successful you will learn. 

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