How to Become a Shopify Expert
(from zero to hero!)

Do you want to learn how to do online business and how to get sales? So you have found the right place. Online selling is easy if you know how to do it and Shopify makes it easier. This is one of the best courses for professionals and others who want to learn and update their skill level.

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You will learn

  • In-depth understanding of Shopify
  • How to design professional shopify dropshipping store
  • How to set up an online store, configuration, publishing, and management.
  • How to choose and adding best products in store
  • How to choose the best suppliers.
  • How to generate traffic and getting sales
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Discover effective strategies for marketing your products
  • How to build niche store
  • How to fulfill orders
  • How to fulfill orders
  • Paypal From Pakistan



Sh. M. Hamza is Ecommerce trainer, Agency Owner and Consultant with over 5 years experience in different ecommerce models and platforms. I am offering trainings at multiple institutes including Ashraf Chaudhry Associates, Airschool, Udemy and Sheikh Commerce Ltd. UK. Famous for my excellence and creative Ecommerce strategies. 

Course Content

Introduction to shopify

  • Mindset
  • Basics of Shopify Dropshiping?
  • Shopify and Amazon
  • Shopify and Wordpress
  • Business Costing
  • Domain

Dropshipping Store Development

  • Shopify and its alternatives!
  • Demand of Store Development on freelancing platforms
  • Store Creation Using Shopify
  • Installations of themes
  • Installation of necessary apps
  • Up-Selling Products
  • Creating a General Store or any niche based store.
  • Analytics, and Sales Channels
  • Creating contact and legal pages.

Product Hunting

  • Aliexpress Dropship Centre
  • Product sourcing from AliExpress
  • Product sourcing from private suppliers
  • Product sourcing from CJ dropshoping
  • Product sourcing from Haocommerce

SEO Optimized Product

  • Intro to SEO and keywords
  • Write SEO optimized Title and Description
  • write any Product Ad Text or Ad Copy
  • Creating and Using GIFs for descriptions
  • Creating and Using Images for descriptions
  • Sales Copy Writing
  • Gig Making Keywords

Creating  Video Ads

  • Intro to Facebook Video Ads
  • Format and Resolutions for Ads
  • Tools for Creating Ads
  • Writing Script 
  •  Choosing Content for Ad
  • Making converting and Professional Video Ad

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Campaigns Settings
  • Facebook Pixels
  • Finding Winning Audience
  • Automatic V/S Manual FB Bidding
  • Look Like Audience
  • Custom Ads and retargeting
  • Ads KPIs
  • Facebook Organic Audience

Product Research and Hunting

  • Demand of Product Research
  • Intro to Aliexpress
  • Research Suppliers
  • Hunting Tools
  • Spying Ads
  • Product Research Strategy
  • Aliexpress Basic Product Research Filters
  • Controlling 7 Dropshipping Factors


  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ads( Intro)
  • Instagram Influencers
  • SEO
  • Youtubers

Paypal From Pakistan

  • How to make paypal from Pakistan
  • Virtual Address
  • Company registration
  • Getting UK Phone Number




I have to give this tutor the highest recommendation on his knowledge. he is the best shopify trainer. Two thumbs up! Thankyou so much sir hamza for such a helpful tips and your guidance. Extremely Recommended! 

Umair Malik


I really appreciate this tutor. His training skills are awesome. Thankyou so much sir hamza for such a helpful training.

Ali Hamza


What an awesome training. Great explanation sir. we feel very much blessed to have a teacher like you. due to your guidance i achieved my goals.