Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon WholeSale

Advantages of WholeSale:

  •  No need of listing Experts 
  • Sellers don’t need someone to create good EBC/A+ as it’s provided by the brand in this model, Seller has much restrictions on listing, seller can make minimum changings in the listing of the product! 

  • Use other reviews 
  • In wholesale business you don’t need to buy reviews as it comes from the product which you are listing!

  •  Easier Inventory Restocking
  • As wholesalers don’t need too much inventory so it;s possible to restock the inventory with minimum quantity!

  • Low Risk 
  • Sellers don’t need to manufacture the items, which is not enabling Sellers  to spend good annoubt oib the business! 

    Disadvantages of WholeSale :

  • Buy box winning 
  • Winning the buy box is much difficult, Seller needs to be consistent, hardworking  and quality work in order to win the buy box for the 1 product. 

  • Brands approvals
  • Approaching the brand and showing the proofs that are authentic wholesalers is difficult! 

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